Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top 3 Unusual Things Overheard at the Innovation Convention (Day 1)

The Innovation Convention 2014 in Brussels has brought together an inspiring and eclectic bunch of people from all over Europe. Here are a few of the more unusual things that I've heard on and off stage on Day One:

  1. "I met some extra-terrestrials on Saturday. There's a lot of them in Belgium and France" - explained the nice older lady who'd popped along for the "Are We Alone" session
  2. "I hate cucumbers" - revealed famous chef Elena Arzak when asked what smell she hated most in the world
  3. "Let's cut the tie" - urged Prezi co-founder Peter Arvai asking the audience to metaphorically cut their ties in half and use creativity to build exciting new businesses

I'm looking forward to hearing more today on Day Two...

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