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Dublin City of Science 2012 call for ideas

The Dublin City of Science 2012 call for ideas for its Public Engagement Programme was launched this morning by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr. Richard Bruton T.D.

It's a great opportunity for all of us involved in science communication...

The full press release is below and
more details are on the website at

Press Release:

Bruton seeks bright ideas for Dublin City of Science 2012

Minister launches call for proposals for prestigious event to showcase Irish expertise and creativity

6 April 2011

Minister  for  Jobs,  Enterprise  and  Innovation, Mr. Richard Bruton T.D., today  [Wednesday]  announced  a  call for proposals for the Dublin City of Science programme of events in 2012.

‘Rebuilding  Ireland’s  international  reputation for excellence in science and  technology will be crucial to achieving growth and getting people back to  work.  I am developing a plan to put science, technology and innovation at  the  centre  our  growth  and  jobs policies. Part of this will involve showing to the world that we are a creative, innovative, scientific nation.

‘Dublin  City  of Science 2012, a highly prestigious event which was won in the  face  of  stiff  competition, offers a perfect opportunity to show the world  what we can do. I think we should all get involved in this programme and  help  promote  Ireland  to  the  world  as  a centre of innovation and creativity  in  science  and technology,’ the Minister said speaking at the launch.

The  call,  which will remain open until 30 June 2011, is seeking proposals for a year-long programme of events to engage the citizens of the island of Ireland  in  science. It is hoped to devise a programme of events that will demonstrate  the  reach  of science into almost every aspect of our lives - education, business, the arts, sports and our communities.

Partnerships  will  also  be  sought with organisations and individuals who wish  to  develop  events  that  will  encourage  the public to engage with science.

Dublin  City  of  Science 2012 will showcase Irish expertise and creativity that will firmly place Ireland on the map for science excellence.

Speaking  at  the  launch,  Professor  Patrick Cunningham, Chief Scientific Adviser  to  the Government said that: ‘the primary purpose of this call is to identify events that creatively engage with science and the public.

‘This  could be by way of promoting an existing event, activity or idea. It could  be  something completely new, something you’d like to develop within your  own  organisation  or  institution, or in partnership with others.  I would  welcome  activities  in  any  format, indoor or outdoor, through the medium  of  theatre,  film,  exhibitions,  workshops,  debates, interactive dialogues, online events, the list is endless,’ Prof. Cunningham concluded.

Also  at  the  launch  today  was  the  Dublin City of Science 2012 Project Director,  Mr.  David Fahy. He highlighted the importance to include events from a wide and varied reach.

‘While it is Dublin that is the City of Science, it is central to us that a programme  is  developed  that  stretches  to  include  the whole island of Ireland.

‘I would urge those with an interest in science and technology and their impact on art, literature, music, sport, communities, the economy, society in general to submit proposals, Mr. Fahy concluded.
The call is available at

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