Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Web video boom shown with cool graphics

Image Sources: Cisco estimates based on
CAIDA publications, Andrew Odlyzko
via Gizmodo via Wired

Video is taking over the web - but by how much exactly? This great infographic sums it up - that pink triangle on the right is the proportion of US internet traffic that's all online video. And the graphic shows how it's boomed since the year 2000.

One of the things I've noticed working at video production company Agtel is just how much people expect web video to be central on websites these days. Enterprise Ireland have just launched their new website and lots of high quality videos (produced by Agtel, by the way!) covering innovation and business are right there up front.

I'm a big fan of data visualisation techniques that show information we kind of know in a new and interesting way - for example, the US satellite images that showed the housing boom in Ireland as seen from space were really impressive.

Gizmodo updated their original story to include this extra bonus graph from Mr. Beschizza of BoingBoing too - basically because the diagram above is all above the proportion of web traffic that's video etc. but the actual amount of web traffic has shot up too. Maybe this would all make even more sense through 3D glasses?

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