Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Do Irish scientists need to fight climate change sceptics?

The climate change discussions in DCU on Friday were really interesting, and IPCC scientist John Sweeney's presentation was particularly thought provoking. He lifted the lid on the sometimes unsavoury working methods of the climate change sceptics who have been making the headlines recently - and issued a call to arms for scientists to get out and engage with their detractors before they lost they argument.

Coincidentally, Climategate is in the news in the Guardian again today, and the UK's Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has issued a briefing note on “Climate Change: Engagement and Behaviour”. It makes for very interesting reading - including a critique of the mixed results of the communication campaigns run by the UK government.

Given the high profile role being played by UK climate secretary, Ed Miliband who featured in the Observer at the weekend, it'll be interesting to see what our own Green Party government ministers think of all this... Ministers John Gormley and Eamon Ryan have been been surprisingly quiet on these huge issues so far.

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