Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spinning Science - Training for Scientists

With money so tight everywhere now Irish researchers urgently need to get out there and tell taxpayers why they should continue to receive funding.

Otherwise they might simply be forgotten about and find themselves in financial trouble very soon.

I hope lots of scientists take the time to go to the workshops on communicating science being run by the Science Spin magazine team. As they say themselves:
Scientists in Ireland have long been wary of the 'media' and its potential for harm. There has been little appreciation of the benefits that come from media coverage.

Now, for a scientist working at third-level to be successful, he must be very adept at making the case for why he should receive funding. For without funding, nothing can be achieved. To do this, he must be adept at communicating messages to a number of key audiences.
The one-day workshop programme looks very comprehensive with Sean Duke, Joint Editor of Science Spin aiming to provide scientists "with the skills, and insider knowledge you require, to achieve your communication goals."

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