Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Film / TV science award winners just announced

I really enjoyed being on the jury at the Vedere la Scienza Festival in Milan last week - and the winners have just been officially announced. The photo above is taken from the brilliant observational documentary "Blast!", by the way.

... And the the winners are... (drumroll please)...

A - Television drama and docu-drama
The Moving Earth (Denmark, 2008, 52 min)

B - Documentaries for television or/and for home video distribution
Blast! (US, 2008, 74 min)

C - Documentaries developed by public or private science museums, science centres, scientific institutes, research centers
Space transportation: an ATV perspective (Netherlands, 2008, 32 min)

D - Videos for web, web TV and videophones
The Good Heart Attack (Great Britain, 2008, 6 min 30 sec)

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