Saturday, November 08, 2008

What does Obama's victory mean for science?

There was loads of talk during the US presidential race about the negative impact the McCain-Palin team might have had on science if they made it into the White House.

But now that Obama is President-elect, I've been trying to find out what impact the Obama-Biden combination will have. And will it really be positive for science?

Initial indications are good with the creation of so-called "green collar" jobs in the envirotech sector high on the agenda. That's something that the Irish Green Party has been pushing for on this side of the Atlantic too. But the credit crisis is making banks less likely to support start ups which is causing problems for entrepreneurs creating green innovations.

One good source for an overview of the US science policy scene that I've come across is Reality Base which is described as "a blog about the interplay between science and politics."

Written by Melissa Lafsky, it's part of the DISCOVER magazine site and it gives a great overview of thought provoking science-related topics - from health care to wartime science.

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