Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gravity uncovered on BBC

I enjoyed watching Brian Cox's rough guide to gravity on the BBC last night. And it was great to see a science show get a good billing in the Irish Times in advance too!

Called "What On Earth Is Wrong With Gravity?" the show was broadcast on BBC 2 as part of the Horizon strand (at 9pm, 29 January 2008).

The BBC press release captures the gist of the show very well:

Hollywood physicist Dr Brian Cox is on a journey to answer a simple question that has baffled the world's greatest scientists for over 400 years – just what is gravity?

Cox takes a road trip around the USA in his quest for an answer, in the third programme of the flagship science documentary strand. He fires a laser at the moon in Texas, bends time to operate his sat nav in Denver, and tries to capture gravity itself in the swamps of Louisiana, all in a bid to find a solution to this cosmic conundrum.

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